Monday, 2 June 2014

101. Weight Walks - Bipedal boulder pusher

A truly Sizifian task. To kick off (or push off) the next series of walk cycles a humanoid pushing a heavy boulder. The boulder is circular so it can be pushed, but I wanted to convey the sense of something heavy which needed a lot of power to shift. The boulder is a little bit oval, lending to this, and also escaping the paradigm of becoming too geometrically perfect. It’s unevenness gives the sense of movement and rhythm. The man is pushing with his whole body. His calves are tense and there is a point where not much seems to happen. I hold him in one place for an extra frame adding the additional weightiness to his struggle. His body is further portraying tho as he strains pushing from his hips keeping his arms outstretched in contrast with tucked in head and top heavy heave-ho. 

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