Friday, 21 February 2014

100. Quadrupedal Rudo the Bear

And for the happy number 100 of the walks here is Rüdo the bear. This one harks back to the youth. A dancing bear would be brought by it’s ‘trainers’ whenever there was a fair or carnival in town, so practically in autumn this would happen a lot. Spring had it fairly frequent. I presumed that bears bears were on holiday during the summer and they hibernated during the winter. 

For this quadruped I studied a video of a bear to get it’s realistic movement down. Most of the locomotion comes from hind legs as the weight is shifted to the from of the animal. As the bear steps up, it’s weight is distributed throughout the body trunk sinking to it’s bottom. There is a very small push with the front paws, though this is mainly for the balance as the limbs relax very quickly, The bear then uses these as an additional balancing anchor as it walks forward, giving impression of dancing. So for the last one of the quadruped arc we’re going back to the biped model. Next week I’ll be compiling all the 50 quadruped walks into one happy sequence.

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