Friday, 11 October 2013

63. Quadrupedal superhumanfishmonsterbeast sneak from aside

I wanted to elaborate more on sneaks, and to slow the action down in order to achieve more subtlety. For this movement I still worked on 2s, but I undertook 17 frames, which gives a much slower more deliberate movement giving me more room to play. I wanted a strange lopsided sneak. A movement with one step is a classic sneakiness to the front of the body. This is counteracted by an over-reaching right leg which breaks in few places and and dislocates the hip in order to propel the character forward. The left leg is dragged as the torso is pulled up hence pulling the leg setting it ready for next step. So the main step is with the right leg and right arm, whilst left is slower reaction and mainly follows. Could be weighted figure, lameness or terrain feature, but it certainly makes for a more interesting movement. 

The figure itself is a mishmash of a 'human fish' (from the deepest cave in Europe-Slovenia) a c/f-line and a few other bits, just for the interest. The structure of the bones is mammalian throughout though. 

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