Tuesday, 15 October 2013

65. Quadrupedal front stomp

Working from the stride, I wanted to experiment with some of the changes in front and back motion as well as the emotion which it would convey. This time the figure is moving in a menacing stomp, exhibiting threatening behaviour. The front limbs are being smashed into the ground increasing the size of the figure in confrontation. The legs are merely catching up, but to add some more interest I've added one leg acting as a bigger push than the other. So one is being placed while the right is quickly pushing the figure. I've used a fantasy figure built, primarily to add more weight to the frontal limbs (it could nicely pose as a dragon with folded wings). 

The forearms are large and the motion for the front stomp is akin to swimming motion as the body twists from side to side. The head acts similar to a stride, main difference being it cuts through the air at smaller angle. I think I'll play with some different body shapes in future and observe how they add character in locomotion as well as change the physics of such. 

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