Tuesday, 18 February 2014

97. Quadrupedal baboon butwalk

After a bit of hiatus WWO is back! I’ve had a lot of projects on and an additional two personal skill developments. One involves Blue, Red, Sakuga, He-Man, Naruto and a wealth of fightyiness, but I’ll be posting more on that once the project is completed.  Once this arc of quadrupeds is finished I will be going onto a weighted models. Dragging, pulling etc. The format of updates will change somewhat. The outcome will be hundred walk over a period of a year. This will allow me to do more complex kinetics and have more playful characters. I will still be spending around 3/4 hours weekly on it, but the updates won’t be daily. The quality of walks will be increased as a consequence as I peel into another layer of kinetic knowledge. 
So back with a walk. This one is a quadruped baboon like creature, the dog-like mammal differs from other monkey genus in the thorax link and it’s gait is more like that of a canine (alongside it’s muzzle - probably a link between two species - baboons are known to keep dogs within their groups). Style of the walk is in a tight ‘H’ as each limbs flows in a quick succession. The front arms are posturing raising the chest, view and the importance of the monkey. The back is a swaying butt, similar to a caricatured boxer a while ago, se-sawing at up to 45 degrees on each side. The head bobs along in a nodding fashion (quadruped equilibrium does not need a complex head system like ours). It could be having a stroll alongside it’s dingo companion.

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