Thursday, 20 February 2014

99. Quadrupedal PassiveAgressive gait

Today we have a character, developing notions of neutrality. The hind legs and the front ones go through balanced passive and aggressive phases. The walk is done on a tight ‘H’, with back leg landing before the front is raised giving a little wave of the spine. The front limbs arch sideways, posturing and benching forward, grabbing the airspace only to relax and go into the reverse push motion. 

The paw does a figure ‘6’ in this arc, as the movement originating from the shoulder travels down to the high wrist joint. The back legs do an aggressive dig, ground scratch. At this point the rear end goes through a little circular se-saw loop. After the leg presses into the ground it eases out, knees outstretched in a lazily passive momentum. As there is a lot going on with the legs I’ve kept the head momentum fairly simple, following the body pass. 

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