Tuesday, 3 September 2013

45. inverted goofy walk

In the spirit of Goofy and his oddball walks I wanted to try out something similar today. Goofy characters, and the namesake thereof generally walk with their feet inverted pointing inwards. This is a trait in quite a few fumetti by Magnus. (i.e.Alan Ford)

The inverted feet syndrome bring their own challenges. The walk becomes gawky similar to that of a bird as the feet are se in place scooping the ground inwards. In order to provide counterbalance to this arms are waived high keeping the figure just on balance. Another aspect to be explored in future would be of a goofier walk where the feet end up inverted, like having two left ones throughout the push of cycles and adding an element of randomness to it. A good example would be George (Goofy) learns to dance by Disney 1957. 

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