Thursday, 5 September 2013

47. unbalanced baby walk

Babies are mostly off balance when they walk. They use their arms to balance out and frequently loose balance and fall onto their hands. The large head has an immense amount of counter balance to the small body and undeveloped musculature which adds additional difficulty in their propulsion. 

The loss of balance on a leg raise is lengthened as the figure tries to recapture the momentum manoeuvring first body then the small arms in order to be able to step forward. This walk was challenging as its a bipedal walk which has elements of a quadrupedal due to the transitional walk cycle of someone learning the basics of walking on two feet through trial and error. The walk has 24 frames in total and is done on 2s. The accents are added to the leg raises and placement in-between in order to exaggerate the movement achieving a 'full limited animation' (Similar to Mitsuo Iso).

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