Wednesday, 4 September 2013

46. full on goofy walk

Summarising everything I learnt and inspired by re-watching old Disney cartoons I went ahead to achieve a more complex walk. (primarily Goofy) 

There are 24 frames in total and it's animated on 2s. The characters feet are placed all over the place and though there are no breaks in the limbs it creates a erratic expression of forward motion. The arms are position in a nonchalant swing maintaining the balance of the body at complex foot and knee twists which happen at the raise and placement of each foot. It is a happy walk as the leg is swung back and then joyously shaken towards the front placement, bending the foot itself in order to exaggerate the grip and toe/heel direction. the head is kept straight with a slight lean back. this mimics the torso as the lower abdomen is pulling on the upper crating locomotion. 

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