Friday, 6 September 2013

48. 3D walk cycle

This time I have used what I have learnt in walking over these last ten weeks and applied it to model claymination. Claymination has become a lot more popular lately with a sprinkling going against the slick CGI movies in the Oscar battle. With studios like Laika aiming to get to the production schedule of Ghibli it seems bright lights for this technique. To make the model took a long time. Not as long as a virtual model but still fair amount. There is certain sensibility which tends to work better when it comes to pure claymination. This one is without armature (skeleton), so though it is bendier, the movements are limited by natural forces of gravity. On the other hand there is something magical about seeing real object move and 'hand' of the animator (in the form of finger marks). Initially the top animation was the first effort. The push off raises the beaky head and the character really crouches on the pass frame. However the walk is slow  and slumbering and lacks the snappiness of the drawn animation. The second film has some frames removed and extremes are left in to accent the walk. There is a rather different personality which comes between these two. I quite like the shadow movement as well. Maybe a future challenge. 

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