Wednesday, 7 August 2013

27. Fatman tight walk

After having a lot of fun figuring the physics of the canine lupus legs supporting a hominoid torso I wanted to try out some more body shapes. this time I stayed more grounded in reality and added wight to the character. Fat people move differently than skinny and bony, tall differently than short etc. For this figure I started in the mid push-off instead of the usual key of lower grounded pass. I wanted the figure to have elegance in it's walk and a bit of a swing in the step. The character places the foot forward with a short step carefully and to portray this the head is pointed at the ground. The arms are swinging but more in around the body creating centrifugal motion allowing the character to propel forward quickly. On the downside pass all the weight drops down especially around the stomach and bum area as the figure is primarily pear shaped. On the push-off the head is clearly pointed in the way the fat goes. 

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