Friday, 16 August 2013

34. neo-venus wobble

Finishing of the week of feminine walks I went back to basics. To history and before. I decided to use the ancient fertility fetishes playfully nicknamed venus. The defining shape is that of a circle with large breast draping over a swollen stomach. The leg taper without feet and the arms taper of into tiny hands. The challenge here was getting the core gravity whilst having a figure that could move forward with all the restrictions on it's skeleton. There is a lot more wobble all around as fat is folding around the structure with the swing of the step. The step had tone small similar to the fatman from earlier finishing in line with the imaginary perpendicular of the subjects front. The legs would have to move leading with knees and quickly placing the foot in as the hips would be restricted with layers of fat and the weight on the ankle would be very large. The stomach restricts the legs going inward so the legs are in neutral line while shoulders and the chest are used to create momentum and propulsion with the bottom being a reactor to it. The push off is very small and the foot almost drags and digs into ground afterward.

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