Thursday, 8 August 2013

28. Muscleman stomper

I concentrated upon a specific part of a walk today. The point when the foot hits the floor. The figure is stomping in a aggressive intimidating way. Around the contact key there are four additional in-betweens in order to exaggerate the actual stomp. The foot up, leading with knee happens very quickly leaving no in-betweens, just a snap. The heel is on the floor on the next frame as the legs are in the scissor position. It is at this point that the character crouches/lounges into a low shape. In order to understand how different muscle groups are affected at each point I made this figure relatively muscled. 

This way I can see what needs to contract and expand in order to propel it upwards before the next stomp. Each time the figure goes down the elbows follow suit, only to snap with the wrist in a downward motion at an accent frame creating the counterbalance to the high knee. 

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