Friday, 9 August 2013

29. Ssssnakewalk

To finish the week off. I've chosen a somewhat more complex and time-consuming walk. Still adding a bit more detail to the figure, in order to observe it's muscle movements I wanted this one to be darting forward like a snake. I started by sketching the first and final key. Afterwards I've animated the arc of movement which the figure would fulfil. 

It was then a case of adding in the key frames, following this arc, and a single lot of in-betweens. Once I had a nice arch with the spine, as I wanted for this to be a walk the final part had to be done from a push off frame. The sliding foot darts forward and the body folds in creating the moment of the 'bite' before going back to the main key on each side. I wanted to give the motion a bit of a sway as well. To represent a snake swaying side to side before striking. 

So I've added two additional accents either side one going right and other left respective to the figure's viewpoint. An arm would have to be used balancing this out as the movement is originating from the hips along a shoulder arc. I could emphasise this further by stacking more frames around each side to create something more ominous in future. A fun though complex exercise. 

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