Thursday, 22 August 2013

38. snake torso menacing wiggle

I wanted to revisit the serpentine walks, but this time concentrating more on the torso manoeuvring. The body is worked on a striking angle on the each step. To achieve this I created a line on which the head would be travelling. Then I worked out the body arrangement with the legs. The body is torqued on the lowest key frame sink. It then whips upwards on the push off, only to strike with the step forward. Once the balance is regained the same happens to the body. So the torso arc of action was drawn first, it was then combined with the leg step, then the torso was added on. 

Finally the arms came as the latest stage, reinforcing the movement and adding stability to the figure. I wanted the force to be led with a spine whip forwards and to leave any shoulder swaying for the latter smaller adjustments once the arms are added in.

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