Thursday, 15 August 2013

33. femme fatale walk

Continuing with the feminine walks, today I decided to go with the stereotypical femme-fatale walk. The high heeled shoes. this changes the walk of a human in a few profound ways. The figure is walking on tiptoes and as such the steps are relatively tight and leg and heel travel inwards. This is recognised as a feminine walk as men are more to walk with their feet travelling outwards resembling a sprawl in order to ground the heavier body. As the heel is raised this starts to resemble a quadrupedal walk and has similarities with satyr and dogman from earlier. The anomaly occurs by the support of the heel allowing the figure to distribute it's weight on this part of the foot. This as an effect of bending knees into a small lounge in order to minimise the strain on the low of the spine. Another interesting occurrence is the movement of the shoulders in order to balance out the chest in co-ordination with bends of the hip. I've kept the arms straight acting seining back and forth in order to give the walk more personality and concentrate on the legs. The head is looking side to side.

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