Tuesday, 13 August 2013

31. Satyr-stride

Continuing with a fantasy themed figures I've tackled a satyr today. The bestial goat like locomotion of it's legs is in contrast to the humanoid top. Here I've got the figure doing a stride. It's leading with one leg primarily, whilst the other shoots forward and stabilises it quickly. As the character was so unnatural I still wanted to convey some sort of weight for it so a lop-sided movement seemed a good fit. Also I really wanted to understand the bends and squashes of a bestial leg, and to do both of them would have pushed my time limit. The arms are moving in a classic swing in with the step. The challenging parts of the physiognomy are the legs. Not only are the feet split into two sections, akin to deer, goats etc, but the hind legs are used for composition which change the dynamic greatly. These legs only evolved to work in fours, putting them on two changes the dynamic of the figure and forces the chest to lean back thrusting with the hips during the walk. The head follows general movement. 

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