Wednesday, 21 August 2013

37. futurist blur zippy walk

I tried something a bit different this time, concentrating on the representation of the movement. Using futurism and it's representation in the arts as a basis as well as the theory of 1930's blurring and zipping alongside 'long headed inbetweens'.

The walk is classical in it's simplicity and I've kept it plain. The interest arises with trying to represent more than one movement in  each frame thus breaking with the barrier of single frame story. Similar would be happening in fast movement in pre war times when the practice of dry-brushing was included in this. It is somewhat similar to speed lines of comics and newspaper cartoons, a way of capturing the movement and giving an impression thereof using only one picture. Here I've kept the blur dry brushing to the legs alone for clarity. An interesting technique which could be utilised in future for a certain visual style. 

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