Tuesday, 9 July 2013

06. simian, ape, scuttle

I decided to do an ape like walk this time. More of a scuttle really. I started with a rough sketch of a simian with it's familiarly elongated (compared to homo-sapiens) forearms. 

Then I needed to study how the body would be affected by the locomotion, spine bending inwards, dipping and then expressing itself outwards. The character would be making a small jump, then follow that with a moment of body re-adjustment before doing so again. It's head would be forward jutting keeping the equilibrium with the (imaginary) horizon line with little bobbing due to the animal nature. The character is falling on it's front limbs, just as the back legs are pushing it onwards. I did the 'left' side in blue and out of sync with the red (right) side of the body. The foot adds a bit more push and the arm is a little bit quicker in action allowing the right one to be used more as a balance giving the whole character asymmetrical and therefore a more interesting locomotion.

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