Friday, 12 July 2013

09. determined stomp

For the end of the week i did a reductionist walk cycle. This exercise had a double aim. One was to see to how many frames I can reduce the cycle whilst it still worked without being jittery (8 frames) whilst the other was the emotional representation of a stomp. The body is continuously leaning forward with the neck pushing the head forwards at almost 90 degrees to the body. The face is looking only slightly down maintaining the forward momentum. The character looks like it's cutting through air with it's head. The shoulders are swaying side to side, elbows getting in line with them for the accents on the extremes. It's the continuous air 'punching' giving an air of aggression. The bipedal locomotion is from the hips, with thighs moving just under the hands. The walk engages heels adding to the forward lean of the character. Altogether all the elements work in unison creating a determined stomp, with a bit of aggression and retentiveness. Enjoy the weekend and happy walking!

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