Wednesday, 10 July 2013

07. determined, proud, stroll

Today I went for a more traditional walk. Feeling more confident in the weights and structure I did a character going for a stroll. A part of these exercises is emotion of the character and the ability to coney that with visuals alone. This one will be determined, almost a stomp but not quite there. There is an element of pride an regality. In order to show determination and some regality the forward step (extra squiggled for highlight) is emphasised and accented, borrowing straight from a military walk. The arms give a sense of pride as they playfully swing across the chest. In order to give it more realism the left on has a looser circling around the elbow allowing for a small drop. To portray a sense of pride head is up straight with a strong chest out posture and shoulders are swinging side to side and up and down in a controlled arcs i line with the hips. It makes the character look confident and determined, knowing where its going for a stroll. A distinct improvement when compared to last week. More to come tomorrow.

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