Monday, 29 July 2013

20. Cocco Bill rubber hose walk

Since I mentioned Cocco Bill in walk 05. I really wanted to do a full silly rubbery walk involving idiosyncrasies of Jacovitti. The legs twist and loop creating additional momentum. Joints are not only just broken but elongated allowing for additional flexibility n order to follow and create movement arcs in figure 8. In order to emphasise the legs and as a little homage to chamomile drinking fast draw, the arms are relatively static, locked at the elbows with 45 degree shoulder swing giving the figure a riding composure. The torso and the mead follow this dynamics as there is a one frame delay in the leg movement and head bob. The toes are flexible though the feet regain some rigidity. On the back foot pass they almost hit the elbow making the arc symmetrical under the corresponding 45 degree mirror to the arms.  

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