Wednesday, 24 July 2013

17. Fighting guard, stalk walk

As the last walk was exercise into the movement and sway of the body due to the arm swing today's walk cycle is quite the opposite. I wanted to see how body would react if the arms were relatively static within their body position. To do this I used a future in a fighter 'guard' position. 

The figure would be approaching and as the legs would extend the torso would bend to keep the guard up. The figure is advancing by dragging the back leg upon which it has to maintain weight distribution in order to keep the arms up. As the torso would twist elbows come towards knees balancing the figure and giving it protection as well as hitting the 'invisible perpendicular'.
The forward foot curls just a little bit maintaining the balance on the balls of the feet. Head is straight and protruding forward with hands reaching out to sides with a torso crunch. 

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