Tuesday, 23 July 2013

16. Front torso arm lead walk (or human gorilla knuckle dragging stomp)

Deviating rather sharply from the sneakiness of the last two walks, I wanted to try my hand at something bolshier. 

This time I wanted a figure which is decidedly top heavy and the torso swings would push it's locomotion by creating drag on the legs to move forward in order to maintain balance.  Head is creating a small figure eight as it swings in unison with torso. In order to portray the top weight  the foot bends at the arch drawing the rest of the body to it creating a little wave. The torso, under stress from large arms would be protruding forward at all times, arms bend at an elbow on a back-swing and shoulder protrudes on the lead swing, creating an aggressive visual simian simile.

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