Wednesday, 31 July 2013

22. Hiroyuki Imaishi: Tight and loose

Today I have tried to capture the style of Imaishi, probably best known for his work on 'Dead Leaves'. Imaishi strives for hyper stylisation in his work, his character becoming box-like and his block shading turning fully black. I wonder whether he's a fan of Mignolas work as his character, with their deep block shadows reminisce of Mignola especially his graphic novel and Hellboy work. From a kinetic viewpoint Imaishi is very concerned with his key frames as he snaps them in accenting the movements simultaneously. The in-betweens are very loose though, retaining properties of the original sketch and deviating from the model. He is playful with these and physics, bones and all the rules seem to melt only to snap back into the key frame. To achieve this I sketched out a boxy figure with solid keys. I added some block shadow but kept it a bit lighter for the sake of clarity. 

The in-betweens are very loose, limbs folding and coiling against invisible forces, the body melting kinetic forces distorting the model only to snap back to it's very square model. A fun style of animation and well suited for the action sequences Imaishi is famed for. 

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