Monday, 22 July 2013

15. Sneaky, drag n' pull walk (or lounging marionette)

Continuing on from the sneaky walk development I wanted to try my hand at another one. The importance of this sneak is keeping one foot on the ground dragging just before bringing it up for a tiptoe action. The character does a 'lazy' lounge and then tiptoes to next key position as the balance is regained with the back foot. The body has to contort to achieve this and the figure hits 'invisible perpendicular' just before easing in. 

In order to give the movement more interest I added a key pull in the up motion. This would be adding force on torso making the figure appear more puppet like before sneaking in, maintaining invisible perpendicular. I wanted for the character to move like a wave, with a strong break into another position. 

The centre of balance is in the upper torso for the whole walk, front leg leads the locomotion and arms swing with the force applied to torso twisting while the head bobs with responding to upwards pulling. A marionette effect is created.

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