Thursday, 11 July 2013

08. happy, carefree walk with a spontaneous hop

Keeping in the flow of simple walks I played it up a bit working on a little hop midway. Back in the ancient times of animations a hop was a common feature harking back to the optimistic characters of post depression era to the pre-war Minah bird. The trend would later continue in the UPA style simplified animation of the mid fifties as a convenient trick to give quirkiness and depth. In my animation I did one hop after two steps. The character seen jumping over something gives an impression of a carefree spirit able to leap over problems. In order to achieve this I literally positioned the jump as jumping over an obstacle, feet poised to the front with only a slight elevation of the back. Adding to the spontaneity of the action there is no anticipation before the hop. To further emphasise this his arms are loosely swinging with the sway of the move, hands and wrists relaxed, going with the flow.

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