Friday, 19 July 2013

14. tiptoe, crane, sneak walk

Inspired by yesterdays walk having avian stork quality today I wanted to embody the crane more. I also wanted to shift the theme of the walk to a sneak. The character is still really gawky but this one is done on tiptoes, which will be useful when I start dwelling into animal walks where bones have evolved differently with a same blueprint. 

Emphasising the sneakiness of the motion I allow for one double frame as the weight is spread out on the body. The foot (and the toes) are placed in  an downwards arch as the body perfectly balances in order to bring a wide step through. To give propulsion for this movement there is a deep sink in the extreme and a circular rotation of the hips extending through the knees. Having enjoyed this I feel another sneaky walk is due after the weekend. Happy walking!

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