Tuesday, 30 July 2013

21. Sakuga week: Shinya Ohira style walk

Recently I've been studying some Japanese animations. In particular it was 'sakuga' which captured my imagination. The animators which are given large freedom to create their vision in a very different studio structure than in the western world. Starting with the likes of Yoshinori Kanada and who was instrumental in development of modern art consciousness in Japan (the melting dragon - Harmaggedon), evolving the traditional wood carving to a flat proto-animated art, often working in limited animation. Kanada is rather hard to imitate, mainly as his work requires a lot of time to execute, so for my first 'sakuga' series of walks I chose Shinya Ohira. Ohira has done the Animatrix  Chase (Kid's Story) skater scene which a lot of people are familiar with, amongst others. His style is very idiosyncratic as figures start to literally melt away with frantic movements, lines carving multidimensional movement and resembling organised squiggles. I worked with two nuances of colour aiming to capture the flow of the movement and energy within the figure. With each of these styles I will be concentrating on those animators/ 'sakugas' whose style essence is in their movement as there is a large number who specialise in more illustrative depictions. 

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